About us

Prototype to Production

Who we are?

At RP we are continuously innovating to make it faster and easier to get your product to market. We provide the flexibility to order production in low quantities using processes such as CNC machining, vacuum casting with silicone moulds and low volume injection moulds until they are ready for higher volume options. This helps get the product to market faster at a lower cost and risk.

RP was founded in 2012 by Australian Mechanical Engineer, Matt Gairns. Matt spent many years working as an engineer for a large Tier 1 automotive factory before being promoted to Production Manager of their plating on plastic plants. In 2008 he moved to China to set up representation office and supply chain for large prototyping and production bureaus. In 5 years RP has grown from 2 employees in a 500 square foot room to 80+ full-time employees in 2 factories covering 57,000 square feet. RP continues to invest heavily in expanding our capabilities to fulfil our core goal which is to help make it easier for our customers to create.

Our Team